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ChunJiaoHui prices doubled mid-range hotel into bull market

Date: 2014-03-26

Canton fair as a barometer of the hotel industry in guangzhou. ChunJiaoHui is about to open on April 15, the reporter recently pazhou convention and exhibition center and the pearl river new town, two area a total of 30 mid-range hotel sampling survey. As of yesterday, many pavilions mid-range hotel reservation rate of nearly seventy percent, near ChunJiaoHui issue prices than usual price doubled, four times as high, and the pearl river new town area of mid-range hotel operators also optimistic to the market, the booking peak is expected to come before and after tomb-sweeping day.
Prices doubled up super economy hotel near pavilion
With adjacent to Canton fair pazhou convention and exhibition center of advantageous geographical conditions, mid-range hotel near pazhou convention and exhibition center ushered in the carnival of be worthy of the name.
Near pazhou convention and exhibition center hotel reservation come early and quick, the hotel also early formed Canton fair room-booking special group, a meeting to discuss the hotel price, value-added services and preferential project, and other issues, to attract more customers group. Reporters near the pazhou exhibition hall 15 mid-range hotel sampling investigation. As of March 23, most hotels around seventy percent of the guest room have been reservation, booking guest, part in Canton fair at the end of last year older customers for booking in advance, and others in about a month in advance booking. In the remaining thirty percent or so in the room, most of the luxury room room is relatively expensive. At the end of march, the pavilion is a nearby hotel booking peak. "Book early to have a little cheaper room, the farther behind the rest of the room must have been a high price. And you want to order also behind the book." A hotel sales manager told reporters.
During the Canton fair, the hotel prices will go up. According to the survey data show that 15 near pazhou convention and exhibition for mid-range hotel prices rose by an average of 263%, price rise is larger. Such as the actual distance from the center of guangzhou international convention and exhibition about 1 km of the yi's international apartment, ferial prices about $490 / room nights, during the Canton fair issue big bed room 1480 yuan/night. Actual distance from the center of guangzhou international convention and exhibition is about 2.3 kilometers, just 5 minutes drive guangzhou pazhou hotel, daily price RMB 148 / room nights, the first phase of the Canton fair price is RMB 732 / room nights, prices rose nearly fourfold.
Mid-range hotel prices significantly higher than the budget hotel. Near pazhou convention and exhibition center in reporter investigation of four chain of budget hotels, issue of room prices rose about 121% in the Canton fair.
It is worth noting that many hotels put forward stepwise pricing strategies, namely the pricing according to the change of bookings were staged. Pricing in the face of good booking situation, only in the direction of the rising, not falling. It is understood that the next price stage around March 27. In addition to the bench price strategy, in advance of low prices generally after standard room preferences also determines the bookers can only choose luxury room price is higher, it also caused the booking costs in a certain sense of passive ascension.
Preferential policies in advance, also makes the pavilion near mid-range hotel bookings. 15 mid-range hotel in reporter survey, more than 95% of the hotel for our clients (generally about 10) rate of ninety percent or single preferential measures.
There are still part of the housing zhujiang new town rise gently
Adjacent to the geographical conditions of the pavilion, but only about 20 minutes' drive from convention and exhibition center distance and the region itself CBD halo, zhujiang new town mid-range hotel near the same concern. Near pazhou convention and exhibition center and the middle-grade hotel "early and urgent" reservation situation compared to the pearl river new town near the middle-grade hotel has maintained relatively gentle rhythm. "It should be said that housing is not so nervous now, of course the fair reservation has already started, but for now the room is relatively abundant". Housing is not nervous, the hotel itself are "don't panic". A hotel front desk told reporters: "we is not the same as the pavilion hotel nearby, they are booking the customer is more, but from past experience, our side temporary accommodation customers will be relatively more." But this does not mean that the pearl river new town near the middle-grade hotel is not tight, he said, April 5 after the tomb-sweeping day holiday will probably peak for booking. With the mid-range hotel near pazhou early end to the war, the pearl river new town will stretch some mid-range hotel reservation near the front, and optimistic about the industry bookings.
Investigate the reporter extract mid-range hotel near zhujiang new town, from the aspects of price, mid-range hotel prices is relatively flat near zhujiang new town, 15 hotels rose by an average of 136%. Such as full seasons hotel in guangzhou zhujiang new town shop, between the normal price of about 360 yuan/night, during the Canton fair issue standard big bed room 629 yuan/night, standard double bed room is RMB 729 / room nights. As another example, guangzhou yi into the hotel service apartment is beautiful mirage branch, daily price RMB 415 / room nights, big bed room price during the Canton fair is about 980 yuan - 1380 yuan/room nights.
Mid-range hotels are out of embarrassment
Used to live on the margins of society, face upscale hotels and economy hotels sandwiched between a mid-range hotel, why to regain market favour? Hotel industry association and President of guangdong province xiao-peng Yang said, mid-range hotel is able to break through a comprehensive result of the market. On the one hand, the government during the period of the fair price to make the five-star hotel to a certain extent, exit some intermediate customer market. As a mid-range hotel once the project services and propaganda, can quickly attract the attention of the customer. , on the other hand, as the Canton fair site moved to near pazhou, plus the neighborhood of the hotel to join the competition for limited international customer resources, upscale hotels are actually consciously to transform, analyze the customers change trend, the key to attract high-end domestic customers, with delicate and details of the services, this to a certain extent, also provides space for the development of a mid-range hotel.