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e00139243score:3.5 / 52016-10-31

Nice House have sent milk and apples, but shower facilities bad, low water pressure, old tubs, wood bath, TV signal error, network error, but at this price
benny2008score:4.5 / 52016-10-20

Housing in General, room noisy, 9:30 A.M. will be renovated after the noise, environmental all right out the door is the Pearl River, suitable for walking at night. in General
e03413203score:3.8 / 52016-10-11

Shapely architectural style of the 30 's of the last century, along the sides, the traffic is very convenient
gang0620score:4.5 / 52016-09-18

Have stayed many times pretty good downstairs Zhongshan hospital is very convenient is that every time you stay in cold to open the doors for a long time before warm when unoccupied hotel room air-conditioner
aubreyscore:3.0 / 52016-09-17

Facilities old; antique phone?, door, wardrobe, TV cabinet, bedside table, bathtub are quite old, yellow has. health status; except bath with of feet pad is dirty outside, other also make do, depressed of is in bathroom found a only centipede, but just basin in, immediately pour toilet rushed go has. has window, can as to Sun, somewhat noisy. shower and wash basin leading water too small. fair prices soared outrageous, live came in many days of also not to by price continued live, obviously catch guest
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