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Panyu rise the most hotel supplies trading center

Date: 2014-06-09

Transformation and upgrading of strong modern industrial area
The development of an enterprise and a regional economic relations, is like sex relationship, mutual influence, begets co-prosperity.
In the past two years, guangzhou panyu district is experiencing from city suburbs to "urban" city connotation promotion and upgrading of urban functions. As an important strategy of guangzhou "southern extension" node and into the new "metropolitan area", panyu district, follow a new path of urbanization in the spatial planning and strategic starting point has more advantages, at the same time also promote the economic forms of panyu district to be changed accordingly.
Under this background, the letter base in guangzhou shaxi hotel supplies expo city as the largest hotel supplies in guangdong province and even the whole country and home kitchen supplies one of the professional wholesale market, to create high-end business growth engine, to forge a never ending of the hotel supplies trade fair, China's largest hotel supplies exhibition center, world-class logistics trading platform. Future, letter shaxi hotel supplies expo city hotel supplies expo center will be built, five-star hotels, financial services, food and beverage department, serviced apartments, grade a office building and other supporting functions in the integration of the global star hotel supplies trading base, bend force to build "of the Chinese hotel supplies".
The new engine regional transformation and upgrading
Speed up the construction of strong modern industrial area
After more than two years of transformation and upgrading of exploration, last year, panyu district, realize social total retail sales of consumer goods is 88.672 billion yuan, an increase of 15.3%, three times the industrial structure optimization is 1.9:35.1:63.0, the contribution of service industry on economic growth of 73.1%, the contribution rate of par guangzhou service economy contribution rate to economic growth in the city. Panyu has been from the past to give priority to the economic structure of processing trade, manufacturing, service economy era.
According to the new urbanization development strategy of guangzhou, panyu district planning and positioning to achieve significant ascension, from the outskirts of the city into a former guangzhou urban one. Panyu district is put forward to speed up the construction of appropriate industry habitable, the value of modern civilization, highlight fashion creative metropolitan area. At present, the panyu insist on transformation and upgrading as the main line, to vigorously develop modern service industry and strategic emerging industries, promote trade logistics, culture creativity and so on the fashion industry vigorous development. This brought opportunity for many enterprises transformation and upgrading. The development of panyu shaxi commercial circle is a miniature of the panyu economic transformation and upgrading. At present in panyu shaxi area has been gradually formed the national biggest scale, most complete trades, highest level, the most sales, the resources of the most widely hotel supplies city industrial cluster, directly promote international trade, hastening the development of circulation industry and trade exports.
Panyu closely around make the goal of building a new urbanization model, seize the world-class pearl river delta urban agglomeration and guangzhou "southern extension" development, relying on the good location, culture, commerce, transportation, tourism, innovation resources and ecological resources, such as composite advantages, promote the characteristic resources, the key function to gather, high-end quality, to speed up the construction of strong modern industrial area.
Nuclear "intelligence" and "commercial nuclear" double drive
To build the hotel supplies trading center
Under the new urbanization strategy, in guangzhou panyu formally since late 2011, guangzhou metropolitan area, urban positioning to achieve strategic upgrade from the peripheral city to the town center, and to develop modern service industry, the innovation drive, and communities in developing fashion creative economy, start the "business", "" nuclear dual drive strategy.
Nuclear "on the one hand, to build a" business, based on the existing high popularity and good business services foundation, to develop the fashion trade, culture, tourism, information services and other modern service industry; On the one hand, make "wisdom nuclear", accelerate the construction of guangzhou city of international innovation, actively building "one city garden" innovation pattern of economic development, vigorously develop a new generation of strategic emerging industries.
As the "dual-core" drive power, will become guangzhou panyu new emerging business circle again and again and again. Relying on local panyu thick letter industrial base and the base of shaxi hotel supplies industry clustering development advantages, panyu will further focus on building a hotel supplies trade services business circle. Letter based global hotel supplies electricity enterprise headquarters located in panyu stone floor of intention, will also be panyu trade services for the development of new opportunities.
China hotel association, the letter group chairman han-quan zhang said, will actively explore new business development ideas and property management pattern, for global circulation field of vision, business clusters and industrial agglomeration as the core, makes the hotel supplies industry chain, to promote the regional modern trade services and extension of industrial convergence development. The panyu district party committee secretary luo a first puts forward the development of export-oriented industry happiness, in the construction of a new fashion ideas guiding idea coincides with mine.
Letter base in guangzhou shaxi hotel supplies expo city as the largest hotel supplies in guangdong province and even the whole country and home kitchen supplies one of the professional wholesale market, operates mainly in kitchenware, guest room cloth grass, ceramic tableware, glassware, food supplies, operating around the manufacturer's annual sales, together with the distribution of total sales of tens of billions of yuan, has been hailed as a national leader in the field of hotel supplies.