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To live in the French luxury castle: clay yell castle hotel

Date: 2014-12-06

ituated in the northeast, champagne, later lance (Reims) areas of the castle style luxury hotel, was Pommery wife's wedding present.And named after her champagne Pommery is one of the world's best champagne.Until today, clay yell hotel still is the essence of French champagne area, its lush shrubs and trees by the gardener carefully built, create forms and lifelike style.The winding cobblestone path took people down to the heart of the castle.
This covers an area of 17 acres of hotel is the early last century, fake a castle built in the 18th century.Walked into the hall filled with palace feeling, hang around portraits, the skin if coagulate fat lady and head wearing a wig nobles smiles, seems to be out of the picture, invite people to jump a waltz.Every bedroom soft cushion on the shop, the ledge railing decorated with white cotton yarn, sheets and curtains are use pink blue, pink and silver.
Arched ceiling hanging high in the sitting room the massive big droplight, solemn, and decorated with lifelike little angel, delicate tapestry, gold-plated statue, is all very often has the feeling of space and time reversal.Here everywhere is delicate and gorgeous antiques and adornment, everywhere traces left a celebrity, and named after their name for the room, Pierre - YvesRochon, Taillardat, is the name of the restaurant, such as Pothault Rubelli, Frey, Canovas, Flipo of Laura Ashley became a different style of the signature of the bedroom.
"Winter garden" has two domes, is to commemorate the Frenchman built the statue of liberty, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe.But here, of course, also full of history.Around the building around the factory of champagne, it is in a champagne area, drunk don't want to wake up.Surrounded by a beautiful garden and terrace, in one hundred through the layers of ancient trees YinYi, overlooking lance cathedral, this was all previous dynasties French king crowned, he began to reign.