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​ Wine also can match the cantonese cuisine

Date: 2014-11-16

In the eyes of the Chinese wine has always been a foreign identity, so many cultural etiquette is also about wine from abroad.But, in fact, there are some in the Chinese table manners are not too good.National dish of run into wine, even when we are most familiar with cantonese in wine, how will have different pay attention to?
So how to match wine Chinese food?"Because after different experiments we would find that wine is wonderful"."Such as the focus of the cantonese food is to eat fresh raw materials, so don't use the ingredients and sauce is too strong, it is light, and cooking style also is usually steamed, Fried, stewed, etc., so it is suitable for wine to go with, because the taste of the food itself would not be overweight and influence to the flavor of the wine. Like sichuan cuisine and the hunan cuisine, does not propose to match with wine, because of linen and spicy taste will cover our sense of taste, and drink of the wine taste already feeling numb, so not feel wonderful wine dishes.